Fast Stereo Matching Demo

Input your own stereo images, this fast stereo algorithm will produce the disparity map for you in a few seconds/minutes. The algorithm uses a pyramid structure, fast correlation, rectangular subregioning and dynamic programming techniques. For detailed description of the algorithm, please see "Fast Stereo Matching Using Rectangular Subregioning and 3D Maximum-Surface Techniques (IJCV, vol.47, no.1/2/3, pp.99-117, April-June 2002)". Here is a general introduction on stereo vision. The input images should be rectified epipolar images. The disparity search range is for the top level reduced resolution images. Other information about this demo can be found here. The timing indicated in the paper does not include the time for loading and converting images. Bear in mind that the server also has other things to do apart from doing the matching for you.

URL for left image:

URL for right image:

Input parameters:

Number of image pyramid levels:

Disparity search range: pixels

Correlation window sizes: by pixels

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