Closed-form Stereo Image Rectification Demo

Input your own stereo images, this closed-form algorithm will produce the rectified images for you in a few seconds. For detailed description of the algorithm, please see "C. Sun, Closed-form Stereo Image Rectification, In Image and Vision Computing New Zealand, Dunedin, New Zealand, pages 132-137, 26-28 November 2012". The input images should be a pair of stereo images. The other input is the fundamental matrix which is obtained from the image pair. (For three-view stereo image rectification, please see "C. Sun. Uncalibrated Three-View Image Rectification. Image and Vision Computing, 21(3):259-269, March 2003", or "C. Sun. Trinocular stereo image rectification in closed-form only using fundamental matrices, In IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Melbourne, Australia, 15-18 September 2013, pp.2212-2216".)

URL for left image:

URL for right image:

URL for the fundamental matrix:

Input options:

Draw epipolar lines? No; Yes

Subsampling for output images (every)? 1 pixel; 2 pixels; 3 pixels

Spacing of epipolar lines: pixels if drawn

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