Fast Linear Feature Detection Demo

Input your own image, this fast linear feature detection algorithm will produce the skeletons of linear features in the image for you in a few seconds. For detailed description of the algorithm, please see "C. Sun and P. Vallotton. Fast Linear Feature Detection Using Multiple Directional Non-Maximum Suppression. Journal of Microscopy, 234(2):147-157, May 2009". [Meant for dark feature detection. If the image contains bright features, please use the invert option. For grayscale images, select 'R'.]

URL for input image:

Input parameters:

Linear window size: pixels

Mean difference:

Remove small objects: pixels

Select which channel: R; G; B;

Invert image intenesity: No; Yes

Number of orientations: 2; 4; 8

Smoothing windows: by pixels

Gap to connect: pixels

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